Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8-19-09 Journal Spotlights

One of my most embarresing moments was when me & my older sister megan were walking around in walmart, talking and not paying attention where we were going. We walked into the mens restroom instead of the girls. We laughed about it but it was so embaressing.

-Haley Bellamy

Hectic. Every class is a lost room, the locations not sticking in my mind. The bell screams "YOUR LATE", but it sounds more like a siren. "Your late, Hurry." I practically run in between classes. The principle chants the rabbits song of alice in wonderland.

-Denise Perkins

There once was a taco. His name was Jeff. Jeff liked taco sauce. taco sauce is kind of like taco blood. So the fact that he liked taco sauce is kind of wierd.

One day Jeff went home to Taco Bell. Jeff drank a large Mt. Dew and watched "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Jeff then walked down to Wal*Mart. Jeff found a Boxing bag plastic thing that has a picture of Obama on it. He was happy he found it so he bought it. he and his nacho, cinimon twist and chimichunga friends had the time of their life punching the worst president ever in the face.

Volcano nacho's changes a man indeed.

-Brandon Turner

Dear Mr Frans

Dear Mr. Frans,

We are writing to inform you that we have a proposal to change the lunch modules. Lunch is so fast, that you barely have time to get through line, and then have enough time to eat and socialize while doing so. Freshman are secluded from upperclassman for their first four classes of the day. If we conbind the Freshman & upperclassman lunch modules, lunch would be much more sufficient.
My first reason to why the lunch modules would be much more sufficient by conbinding upperclassman & Freshamn lunch modules would be that it would bring the school together. Montgomery County High School has enough clicks. Seperating the students would just add on to infinite amount of clicks in our school.
Secondly, we believe that students would have a much easier time focusing on their school work and their classes if they had lunch earlier. Yes, the lunch room might be quite packed, but theres more room in the cafeteria and outside for tables and chairs.
In conclusion, lunch would be much more enjoyable if students could eat earlier and getting to school more united. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors are all students at MCHS. We should be able to sit together no matter what age group. Please consider our idea.