Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking for Alaska book jacket

Looking for Alaska is a pretty good book. It takes a while to actually get into the book very far. It has a before and after part in the book. It about a kid named Miles who gets the nickname Pudge. He moves to a boarding school. The book is about all of his adventures there. Some parts in it turn out to be pretty ironic. At one part "Pudge" even becomes incognito to distract someone. He meets a girl named Alaska when he gets there.


The few words that ive learned is incognito.Thanks to Hannah Montana and Haley. Ive also learned deciduous. I remember that because no one could remember what it meant or how to spell it.-angie

I remember only one word and that is irony. I remember that because I learned about that in Mrs.Mannings room.-Colby Hollon

Ive learned a few of the words in here more than others. I had no idea what incognito was. I know what it means"in disguise". Ive learned moiety,which means cutting into two halves. I remember this by cutting a loaf of bread.-Michael Hatton

In Mrs. Mullins class, I've learned a lot of new, interesting words. One of the vocabulary words I learned the most would be auspicious. This word means a promising success. Another word taht I've learned would be deciduous, which means annually. Lastly, I learned the word antebellum. That means, before war. Of coarse. I've learned a lot more of the vocabulary words throughout the semester and I've learned a lot more, but those are the words that are implanted in my head. -Haley Bellamy(:

I's learned me a lot of wurds this semester... not really. But still. I learned about 20 words. and I cant even remember half of them... I learned words like bellicose and auspicious. Luckily for me I already knew a few of the words, like incognito and antibellum(oh my!), But yeah. Thats about it. I knew a few words and I learned a few words. I can really only remember the first 2 or 3 cycles words, because Ive heard them so much.
-Brandon Turner

Journal Spotlights cycle 8


King King King---
This week has went by so slow.Getting my haircut today,pretty nervous.
I want food at this moment. Cats won the game agaisnt UConn. Wish I could watch the game this saturday. Todays been a bad day.-Angie

One of my best friends happens to be the most amazing person ever! Her name is Korti Crayola. But most people call her "Pete". Shes probably one of the greatest people in my life. She always knows what to say to make me laugh so hard that I fall off my bed. I can tell her any secret and know that she wont tell anyone. She lives in Lawerence county. She Rocks :)

-Haley Bellamy

Hey its michael again. I suck at free writing. Its hard for me to narrow it down to just one subject. I cant stay on task for that long. So im just going to write about this christmas break. The 18th, hopefully i can get a ride to louisville. One of my favorite bands is playing a small show with a few other bands. Hopefully i can get a ride there.
-Michael Hatton is awesome

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turkey Vocab Quiz

1 The turkeys lose their feathers ________. deciduouisly
2 In the first thanksgiving the indians and pimgrams got a _______ part of the feast. moiety
3 The boney __________ is hard to get out when carving the turkey. infrastructure
4 You have to be ________ to catch the turkeys. incognito

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cycle Seven Journals

How do you feel when your torn in two? You know the answer, you know the best choice, you know who you love, theres no reason to force... He's the one that makes me laugh when I really want to cry, he's the one I kiss and I'm not depressed inside. My choice is between two and the answer is so clear, he is the one I want so very near.
He's the one that I love and the one I don't want to go away. For I love him this strongly and I need him here. He's the very reason I smile today, and frown when we have to walk away. He's the reason I'm still breathing and the reason I'm still strong... he's the reason I sing happy songs, and I'll keep him forever and much longer.

Boot Camp- Was really sad! At times it made me really mad. I wanted to punch Joe in the face. Because of his abuse and disgrace. Sarah, Pauly, and Garrett escaped. Thankfully no one got raped! -Angie


So I didn't like Boot Camp as much as I thought I would. There were a few shocking moments, but the ending wasn't that great. I had a feeling he was going to be recusued but not by his mom. That was just random.


Who doesnt love the turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, rolls and other great food when Thanksgiving comes around? Every fourth Thursday in November familes gather and share a meal together. Although the food is delicious thats not what the most important part of Thanksgiving is. Thanksgiving is about what it represents, what it symbolizes, what it means. Which is, what your thankful for (Hints the name, Thanksgiving).
How did this holiday, or tradition begin? In 1620 people from England known as Pilgrims came so they could have religious freedoms. They wanted to choose their own church. They came on a ship called "The Mayflower". They lived in a place called Plymouth. The Indians and the pilgrims soon became friends. The Native Americans helped them find food and build shelters. That's when Thanksgiving began. The set down to have a harvest feast and from then on the tradition has continued.
What I remember most is the rare moments when my family got together and we had a good time. I really value those moments because I know it will never happen again. My dad always made his signature chocolate pie! That was my favorite thing! -Angie
What I'm thankful for is my friends and family. I'm thankful that I have people to trust, and no matter what, I have God by my side. I'm thankful that I have people in my life that care for me and love me. -Haley(:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boot Camp- Book Jacket

Boot Camp is by Todd Strasser. This book is a compelling story about a boy named Garett who gets sent to boot camp for no legitament reason. He has an acumen for learning. He's quite intelligent for his age. At Lake Harmony they believe in order to inculate obedience in the kids they have to go through brutal, verbal and physical abuse. If they give any obseqious complaints they are thrown in TI. When Garett meets Pauly and Sarah (his moiety) thats when the plans to escape start to foil. But will they make it out alive?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journels; Cycle 5

After punching Obama Jefff looked up, "Cinnimon twist bros., Nancy Nacho... get out.". They all ran out, aside from Jeff. What Jeff had seen was his worst enemy... Evil Cap'n Crunch.

Jeff Stared into the souless eyes of the Cap. "So you came" said Jeff. "Your soul will be the first to go." Cap' said. Jeff jumped up and attempted to punch him, his punch was rebounded, the force field box surrounding the Cap' was too powerful. So powerful that it nearly broke Jeffs freakin arm."Evil Cap... why? why do you want to kill everyone?" said Jeff. "whats my first name?" the evil cap said. "um.. evil?" Said Jeff thinking it was a trick question. "Exactly" said the captain of death.

-Brandon Turner

Hiden hope
In our daily dispares,
we stand in broken hope.
when it seems no one cares,
we should new ways to cope.
we live our lives in fear,
and we walk in silent pain.
hurting people we hold dear,
seems like we're going insane.
the sun don't shine,
and our tears are our rain.
i need love mine,
the devils little game.
through all our troubles,
we need some hope.
no flirty bubbles,
we don't play in soap.
we sit and suffer,
don't say a word.
till someone discovers,
a waiting bird.
To take by the hand,
to kiss by thy lips.
to finally understand,
and have no broken bliss.
to have no rain,
the hiden hope.
stop the devils little game,
we found our new way to cope.

--Denise Perkins--

Ugh where the heck is Haley? Makes me upset. Im sooo freakin hungry right now. Michael hatton hates me...makes my day! I really want some potatoes. Wow I feel like a cow. Wait I am. Moo moo moo. My leg has a scratch on it. But I dunno how I got it. Davinci code? Ohh noo,Mrs.Mullins has chips on her desk...
Angie Hamilton(:

Halloween research topic

The Origin of Halloween
Halloween. Trick or Treating, candy, costumes, carving pumpkins are all traditions of this holiday. Its always a celebratory event each year that it takes place. October 31 is the date that can be mistaken for demonic behavior. To others, its a wonderful time to have a great atime with your friends. But, how did Halloween begin?
Most Historians trace the origin of Halloween back to the Celtics. Costumes and treats was a part of the Celtic celebrations. Traditional Halloween symbols such as witches, black cats, pumpkins, candles, masks, parties and pranks, appeared in the U.S. during the late 1800's. In 1848, millions of Irish emigrants came into America as a result of the potato famine. With this sudden rush of people, the holiday of Druidism found is way here. Proudly Celtic, they called Halloween Oidche Shamhna or Night of Samhain as their ancestors had, and kept the traditional things. Trick-or-treat in Europe was called souling. Beggars would go from village to village begging for "soul cakes" made out of square pieces of bread with currants. The more soul cakes the beggars would receive, the more prayers they would promise to say on behalf of the dead relatives of the donors. At the time, it was believed that the dead remained in limbo for a time after death, and that prayer, even by strangers could guarantee a soul's passage to heaven. Before Pumpkins played a role in Halloween,the Irish would crave Jack O'Lanterns into turnips. When the Irish emigrated to America they could not find many turnips to carve into Jack O'Lanterns but they did find alot of pumpkins. Pumpkins seemed to be a suitable substitute for the turnips and pumpkins have been a big part of Halloween celebrations ever since. The faces was intended to frighten away evil spirits. Black cats was considered to be a religious thing in halloween.They was thought of as reincarnated beings and known to predict the future. Bats, owls and other nocturanal animals, also popular symbols of Halloween, were originally feared because people believed that these creatures could communicate with the spirits of the dead. Present day, Bobbing for apples is just a simple game that is a must at Halloween parties. Back in the day people thought of it as a way to gain good fortune. For example, unmarried people would all get in a pail and try to take a bite of an apple. The first to do was said the next to be married.
In the end, you've learned how the celtics started this holiday.
Its been on Earth for many, many years.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Host (New book that you should read)

The host is an epic story that transfixed my heart onto every word of every page.

When aliens invade the world humans hide. natrual instintc. some ran, some fought. when an alien named wander was put into a human host named mel, she was short handed. would you fight or run or both? In mel's memories was a man named jared. who is he, where is he, is he ok? (wander and mel's) journey to find them. it is a infused angry love story.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Club Day =)

Club day is a day that most students look foward to. Although, they're arent enough club days in the year, when we do have club days, you only have a choice to go to one club. We have a few solutions to fix these issues.

First, there are a lot of clubs at MCHS. But, on club day, students can only choose one club. If there are that many clubs, the students should be able to attend more than one club.

Secondly, we need to have more club days throughout the year. We need to have one or more a month. This would give people a chance to get involved in more clubs if the above issue was dealt with.

Finally, club day needs to be extended. Its vurrently only one hour. We believe that it should be extendeed to two or more hours, because then it would give students more time to get even more involved with their clubs.

So please consider these issues to make club day more enjoyable for the students at Montgomery County High School. Thanks(:

BookJacket; Twisted(:

Twisted stole my soul. Lurie anderson has written a remarkably cogent book with success. Tyler Miller is a troubled teen who is anything but hubris. when he is invited to a party he is framed for a horrible act. through out the rest of the book you must dig through the infrastrucural foundation to decide who's lying, who is telling the truth and who is holding info and you will be driven to find out.
When gossip becomes so loquacious that you can feel the atmosphere change as tyler walks down each hall. you can feel your mind twisting to figure out the end or have an epiphany for the truth and by the time you do you'll be as twisted as the cover.
-after the review this book was approved for us to read... yeah!!-

Blog Spotlights(:

What was your weekend like?

My weekend was pretty fun.
I left school early on Friday to go get my hurr & makeup did. Homecoming was that night, I had a great time. Before the dance, my peeps & I went to El Camino. After the dance, I stayed at my best friends house, which is always funn. Sunday, I went to a eleven year olds birthday party & that was somewhat fun. I fell a lot. But besides my clumsiness, the weekend was fun.(:
This be from HaleyBellamy(:

Then, I went to Homecoming and also stayed at my friend Paige's house with Haley. On Saturday, I went to my friend Sarah's house with a bunch of girls from my church. We had a grape fight, cookie dough fight &&& a mudd fight Then on Sunday we went to church and later on went to the chinese restaraunt, then we went back to Sarah's house and played us some xbox. Afterwards, we made our back to church.(:
&this be from AngieHamilton(:

My weekend kinda sucked... like first i had to go have surgery on my shoulder (well a biopsy) and i was AWAKE!!! But it was in this weird, sick, morbid way COOL.... i got to watch the whole procedure through the refection of the window and Dr.Moore talked me though it.
Saturday the meds they have me like knocked me out. i was like not awake the whole day. it was my cusines b-day so i was woke up but i was like still kind of asleep, so i was walking into things and everything. It was strange and sunday after i went to church and told off the prechers son (he likes me) i took my meds and went to sleep again.
This one time i was like on the couch and my brother was sitting on me and then rolled me off the couch and i still didn't wake up. it was so horrible..... that is why my weekend sucked. i have had better days.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


'Twisted' by Laurie Halse Anderson is a challenged book at Montgomery County High School. at one time i considered reading this book and now I really wish I had. The banning act apon our books is outragious, and i Hate it . I believe that we as students and young adults we have rights to read the books we want.
Some books are being banned because they are "offensive" and "innaproperiate" I believe that if a book is offensive then stop reading. Geez no one is makeing you read it. I don't have the oppourtunity as well as others to read this book because it is being challenged. We should all write letters to the 'review committee' and tell them how we feel about it. How we have rights to read it and rights not to read it......
We all have rights and decisions to make. Make yours to not read them and I will make mine to read them. Don't punish the book.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Colomber }---^--{= ~~\0o0/~~ <- its a person getting KILLD by a shark^.^ [cycle 2?]

When Stefano was a 12 year old boy, he experienced something that most young boys do not. An incognito shark. Stefano first seen the colomber while on a boat with his father. Once Stefano pointed out the fish, his father kept him away from the sea as much as he could. When his father told him that he was banned from the sea, Stefano thought it might have been a facetious remark. He lived a somewhat lugubrious life once he was banned from the sea. Was Stefano a diffident man? Or did he step up to the plate?

cσntєnts σf α dєαd mαn pσckєt вσσk jαckєt -Cycle 2

Tom Beneke was a workaholic. He lived an incognito life due to he was always working. He was on the edge of discovering what draws people to displays at stores. He dedicated his life to a yellow piece of paper that had all of his work on it. One day, when a gust of windows sends the paper flying out the window,Tom is stuck with the choice to either go out on the ledge of 11 stories above ground or let all that work go to waste. Will he be remembered as a facetious man? Or as a man who was very lugubrious and diffident?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unwind Book Jacket yo-yo's O~~~~~~o

Unwind is a compelling novel about life, The 'bill of life' is a document stating the end of pro-life and pro-choice decisons. The title is exactly as it sounds "unwinding", undoing what is done. As children cannot be aborted before being born but as a child between the age of thirteen and eigthteen they can be unwound-taken apart.

Unwind takes you in and through several rebellious children's journey with an extreme desire to live. hubris children resisting epiphany, and infrasturtural camps.

By the time the book ends, shusterman will have you living as if you were really dying.

Feature articleeee(:

MOCO Ballers(:

Will the Montgomery County girl's basketball team live up to the hype of the preceding seasons? The team has a huge reputation to uphold prior to their past seasons. The past few Sweet Sixteens, our girls team has dominated.

For the past five years, the MoCo girls have been invited to the Sweet Sixteen and in the Elite Eights. Will this year be any different?

Led by coach Janie Robinson, the girl have extremely high expections to live up to from the Lady Indians that graduated in 2009. Last year, the girls made it into the Elite Eight and played an excellent game, but came short of some points when the game came to an end.

In conclusion, we're hoping to see the girls win yet even more victories. We're sure that this years Indians will be just as award-winning as last years.

Journal Spotlights

If I were a color, I would be red. I always imagine red as a controlling color. It shows authority. It shows power. Whenever i think of political figures, famous people, or anyone with power, I always think of them wearing red. -Michael Hatton

If I were a color, I would be blue. Blue is my favorite color because it's the color water of water, it's one of our schools colors, it's the color of the sky. When I think of blue, I think of boating, jeans, football, the sky, etc. -Colby Hollon

If I were a color, I would be black. It reminds me of how sad I am when no one talks to me. And how many friends Ive lost over the years. It reminds me of staring into the empty blackness in my room. It reminds me of how irritated I get when I have to hit the black keys on my keyboard. I hate those things. Its also my favorite color... -Brandon Turner

If i were i color i would be the rainbow therefore i cannot decide on just one nor could i be just one. i would be the color of the spring flowers and may rain, i would be the color of the leaves in autum for i am sad summer has lft but glad winter is coming....
that is what color i would be

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bang book jacket

In Bang!, Mann, a young 13 year old boy has lived a life of pain after his younger brother Jason dies. A few years later, the family is still mourning. Mann's father a churlish, bellicose person, decides to try to make Mann a man using chicanery. Mann goes through tough challenges that could cause the loss of his own life. Does he have a depressing future or an auspicious one?


Dear editor,
This year our school switched from block scheduling to period scheduling. We're proposing to take away period scheduling (7 periods a day) to block scheduling (4 periods a day) They may not seem really different, but its a huge difference to students.

We have to pack fifty pound of books all over gods creation. Now we have a few minnutes to pack these huge books from one building to another. We need the slack. Theres almost no time to even go to your locker in between classes. My locker isnt even near any of my classes. I only get to go to in once a day.

We still get the same load of homework that teachers would have given during a 4 block day. Its almost immpossible to get all of our homework done every night. Some nights, we have to start as soon as we get home and were still doing homework until we go to sleep.

Journals 9/2/09

Write the lyrics of a song that you know by heart.

Are you ready- The hour is approaching when the souls of man shall hear. A mighty shout resounding in the sky. With power and Great glory King Jesus will appear and take his children home to pardise.There will be a celebration for the ones who choose his name. But total sepration on that resurrection day! Are you ready for the trumpets? Are you ready for the call? Soon the Angels with assemble to usher in the son of God.Will he come and find you faithful? Will he know your name at all? Every moments brings us closer!Are you ready for the call?
- Angie Hamilton

The words are coming i feel terrible is it typical for us to end like this. Am I just another scene from a movie that you've seen 100 times Cause baby you werent the first or the last or thew worstan ive got to fill in the blanks in the past with a verse and we could sit around and cry but frankly your not worth it anymore so say hello to all the boys on the top this table that your under lipstick lullabyes this is sorry for the last time cause baby i understand that your making ew friends this is how you get bythe moral this time is girls make boys cry on any other day id shoot this boy cause your simple toy had caused a scene like this leave him hanging in the hall just a picture on the
Haley Bellamy(:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8-19-09 Journal Spotlights

One of my most embarresing moments was when me & my older sister megan were walking around in walmart, talking and not paying attention where we were going. We walked into the mens restroom instead of the girls. We laughed about it but it was so embaressing.

-Haley Bellamy

Hectic. Every class is a lost room, the locations not sticking in my mind. The bell screams "YOUR LATE", but it sounds more like a siren. "Your late, Hurry." I practically run in between classes. The principle chants the rabbits song of alice in wonderland.

-Denise Perkins

There once was a taco. His name was Jeff. Jeff liked taco sauce. taco sauce is kind of like taco blood. So the fact that he liked taco sauce is kind of wierd.

One day Jeff went home to Taco Bell. Jeff drank a large Mt. Dew and watched "Bill Nye the Science Guy." Jeff then walked down to Wal*Mart. Jeff found a Boxing bag plastic thing that has a picture of Obama on it. He was happy he found it so he bought it. he and his nacho, cinimon twist and chimichunga friends had the time of their life punching the worst president ever in the face.

Volcano nacho's changes a man indeed.

-Brandon Turner

Dear Mr Frans

Dear Mr. Frans,

We are writing to inform you that we have a proposal to change the lunch modules. Lunch is so fast, that you barely have time to get through line, and then have enough time to eat and socialize while doing so. Freshman are secluded from upperclassman for their first four classes of the day. If we conbind the Freshman & upperclassman lunch modules, lunch would be much more sufficient.
My first reason to why the lunch modules would be much more sufficient by conbinding upperclassman & Freshamn lunch modules would be that it would bring the school together. Montgomery County High School has enough clicks. Seperating the students would just add on to infinite amount of clicks in our school.
Secondly, we believe that students would have a much easier time focusing on their school work and their classes if they had lunch earlier. Yes, the lunch room might be quite packed, but theres more room in the cafeteria and outside for tables and chairs.
In conclusion, lunch would be much more enjoyable if students could eat earlier and getting to school more united. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors are all students at MCHS. We should be able to sit together no matter what age group. Please consider our idea.