Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holocaust survivor- Thomas Blatt

Thomas Blat, born in 1927 in Izbica is one of many very interesting Holocaust survivors. He was one of the few people who actually escaped from Sobibor, A German Concentration Camp. He was a writer previous to the holocaust. After escaping, he we'nt on to writer the book From The Ashes of Sobibor. It was all about his experience at the camp. In this book he actually interviewed a guard from the camp where he was. He walso speaks about his escape during it. It talks about his betrayl by the farmer that was helping to hide him. During this he got shot in the jaw, and the bullet is still there. Thanks to his escape, Thomas Blatt is still alive living in California and in Poland.

Brandon's Freewrite JOURNAL!!!METAL!!!!

Lo and behold. This is a sad tale... the finale, of my wonderful story, spanning over many journals... let us begin... one last time...

The taco man was destroyed by the revelation. Silently, Jeff thought to himself, " Evil Cap'n Crunch is evil... because his first name is evil!?", Jeff suddenly wished he had a LEXICON because he didn't know what 'evil' meant. After waiting for exactly ten minutes and fifty eight seconds, Evil Cap was extremely irritated. "Im evil and evil people are impatient! You dare bring light into my lair! YOU MUST DIE! I don't wait no time for no one!", he said while charging up his dethly dethray of dethly dethlyness. "Wait!" said Jeff, ecstatic at his EPIPHANY. What is it snloser?"(a combination of snooze and loser/ a mixture of the key words in the phrase 'you snooze you lose'/ a great word that was invinted around 11:38). "You said you're evil, because evil is your first name?", said Jeff, "So?", said the harvester of fifty eight souls. "So... you waited patiently for ten minutes while I tried to think of exactly eleven words(too bad it wasnt fifty eight or eighty five) words... and yet you said that you were evil so you were impatient... you proved yourself wrong(HYPOCRITE!). So, if you change your first name to something else... maybe you wont be evil anymore... because I know... deep down... there's goodness hidden in your heart...". "Well I... I guess I never really thought of it that way..."

And so... Evil Cap'n Crunch did as Jeff said, and changed his name to Eugene "Dance Machine" Crunch, and there was piece in Taco Bell.

Until the invintion of the value meal.

"We move in circles
Balanced all the while
On a gleaming razor's edge

A perfect sphere
Colliding with our fate
This story ends where it began"

The Begining.~ Brandon Turner

Michaels & denise' Journal Cycle 13

This weekend was pretty fun-packed. All I did was hang out. I went and saw Shutter Island friday night. It was probabbly the coolest movie ive seen in a while. I still have no idea what actually happened in the movie. Saturday night, I went to Bath County to a friends house and hung out until Sunday.

Does anyone wonder why the sky is blue or how come the wind blows side ways instead of down? i do all the time, i search and search but never find anything. The beautiful earth is still a mystery to me even after 16 years of a wonderful life and i assume that it will remain a mystery until i die. the wind blows so gently through my window and i hear the cold chill whisper "spring." Soon flowers will start arising and the cold chill will turn to a much warmer more loveing blow. each with it's own surprise and relactant smell, telling me not to worry; but beware; cause i can never tell.

Holocaust Editorial

I'm Angela Hamilton and I'm writing about how some people believe the holocaust never happend. The Holocaust denial happend started as a German and French theory, but then later spread on to Americans. Many people believed that the holocaust never occured. They dont understand how so many people could be murdered and yet half the world not know about it. My opinion is that it did happen. Yes, many people did die and hitler did go undected. There is many ways to lie to your country inorder to kill people. There is so many records to prove that it did and survivers. The suggestion to solve this problem of denial is to tell people to do their research. Otherwise there is no otherway to solve this problem. Some people dont want to believe it because their anecestors was involved in the murders.

Cycle 13 Vocab Survey

1. To give a false impression
A Belie -
B Laissez
C Nonsectarian
D Tautology

2. A doctrone opposing government interferance
A Belie
B Laissez -
C Nonsectarian
D Tautology

3. Not affiliated with a particulat religious group
A Belie
B Laissez
C Nonsectarian -
D Tautology

4. Needless repition of an idea, statmentor word
A Belie
B Laissez
C Nonsectarian
D Tautology -

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grammer Connection! Cycle 12;

Angela-To jump high was his only goal.
Haley-To swim was her favorite sport.
Michael-To run fast was his only goal.
Colby-To play football with friends is what he wanted.
Brandon-To talk on the phone was rather annoying.
Denise-To walk is to get to class.
Michael- Swimming down the pool, the old man with the bad heart suddenly got his strength back.
p.s. we ran out of time well finish these later (:

Wake; Cycle 12 Book Jacket

Dreams, nightmares. 17 year old janie knows. nothings no longer sacred, no longer private, no longer yours. As janie is sucked up into dreams not her own. sexual, scary, falling, chaseing, and auspicious dreams. high school... cilche's. the rich and "poor" are devided as two groups. parties, drugs, police and busted. people have told me that This is either a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ book, yet somehow I managed to be squarely in the middle, loving some aspects, craving more definition, and hating others. This book will drag you from dream to dream and lock you in place.