Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking for Alaska book jacket

Looking for Alaska is a pretty good book. It takes a while to actually get into the book very far. It has a before and after part in the book. It about a kid named Miles who gets the nickname Pudge. He moves to a boarding school. The book is about all of his adventures there. Some parts in it turn out to be pretty ironic. At one part "Pudge" even becomes incognito to distract someone. He meets a girl named Alaska when he gets there.


The few words that ive learned is incognito.Thanks to Hannah Montana and Haley. Ive also learned deciduous. I remember that because no one could remember what it meant or how to spell it.-angie

I remember only one word and that is irony. I remember that because I learned about that in Mrs.Mannings room.-Colby Hollon

Ive learned a few of the words in here more than others. I had no idea what incognito was. I know what it means"in disguise". Ive learned moiety,which means cutting into two halves. I remember this by cutting a loaf of bread.-Michael Hatton

In Mrs. Mullins class, I've learned a lot of new, interesting words. One of the vocabulary words I learned the most would be auspicious. This word means a promising success. Another word taht I've learned would be deciduous, which means annually. Lastly, I learned the word antebellum. That means, before war. Of coarse. I've learned a lot more of the vocabulary words throughout the semester and I've learned a lot more, but those are the words that are implanted in my head. -Haley Bellamy(:

I's learned me a lot of wurds this semester... not really. But still. I learned about 20 words. and I cant even remember half of them... I learned words like bellicose and auspicious. Luckily for me I already knew a few of the words, like incognito and antibellum(oh my!), But yeah. Thats about it. I knew a few words and I learned a few words. I can really only remember the first 2 or 3 cycles words, because Ive heard them so much.
-Brandon Turner

Journal Spotlights cycle 8


King King King---
This week has went by so slow.Getting my haircut today,pretty nervous.
I want food at this moment. Cats won the game agaisnt UConn. Wish I could watch the game this saturday. Todays been a bad day.-Angie

One of my best friends happens to be the most amazing person ever! Her name is Korti Crayola. But most people call her "Pete". Shes probably one of the greatest people in my life. She always knows what to say to make me laugh so hard that I fall off my bed. I can tell her any secret and know that she wont tell anyone. She lives in Lawerence county. She Rocks :)

-Haley Bellamy

Hey its michael again. I suck at free writing. Its hard for me to narrow it down to just one subject. I cant stay on task for that long. So im just going to write about this christmas break. The 18th, hopefully i can get a ride to louisville. One of my favorite bands is playing a small show with a few other bands. Hopefully i can get a ride there.
-Michael Hatton is awesome