Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boot Camp- Book Jacket

Boot Camp is by Todd Strasser. This book is a compelling story about a boy named Garett who gets sent to boot camp for no legitament reason. He has an acumen for learning. He's quite intelligent for his age. At Lake Harmony they believe in order to inculate obedience in the kids they have to go through brutal, verbal and physical abuse. If they give any obseqious complaints they are thrown in TI. When Garett meets Pauly and Sarah (his moiety) thats when the plans to escape start to foil. But will they make it out alive?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journels; Cycle 5

After punching Obama Jefff looked up, "Cinnimon twist bros., Nancy Nacho... get out.". They all ran out, aside from Jeff. What Jeff had seen was his worst enemy... Evil Cap'n Crunch.

Jeff Stared into the souless eyes of the Cap. "So you came" said Jeff. "Your soul will be the first to go." Cap' said. Jeff jumped up and attempted to punch him, his punch was rebounded, the force field box surrounding the Cap' was too powerful. So powerful that it nearly broke Jeffs freakin arm."Evil Cap... why? why do you want to kill everyone?" said Jeff. "whats my first name?" the evil cap said. "um.. evil?" Said Jeff thinking it was a trick question. "Exactly" said the captain of death.

-Brandon Turner

Hiden hope
In our daily dispares,
we stand in broken hope.
when it seems no one cares,
we should new ways to cope.
we live our lives in fear,
and we walk in silent pain.
hurting people we hold dear,
seems like we're going insane.
the sun don't shine,
and our tears are our rain.
i need love mine,
the devils little game.
through all our troubles,
we need some hope.
no flirty bubbles,
we don't play in soap.
we sit and suffer,
don't say a word.
till someone discovers,
a waiting bird.
To take by the hand,
to kiss by thy lips.
to finally understand,
and have no broken bliss.
to have no rain,
the hiden hope.
stop the devils little game,
we found our new way to cope.

--Denise Perkins--

Ugh where the heck is Haley? Makes me upset. Im sooo freakin hungry right now. Michael hatton hates me...makes my day! I really want some potatoes. Wow I feel like a cow. Wait I am. Moo moo moo. My leg has a scratch on it. But I dunno how I got it. Davinci code? Ohh noo,Mrs.Mullins has chips on her desk...
Angie Hamilton(:

Halloween research topic

The Origin of Halloween
Halloween. Trick or Treating, candy, costumes, carving pumpkins are all traditions of this holiday. Its always a celebratory event each year that it takes place. October 31 is the date that can be mistaken for demonic behavior. To others, its a wonderful time to have a great atime with your friends. But, how did Halloween begin?
Most Historians trace the origin of Halloween back to the Celtics. Costumes and treats was a part of the Celtic celebrations. Traditional Halloween symbols such as witches, black cats, pumpkins, candles, masks, parties and pranks, appeared in the U.S. during the late 1800's. In 1848, millions of Irish emigrants came into America as a result of the potato famine. With this sudden rush of people, the holiday of Druidism found is way here. Proudly Celtic, they called Halloween Oidche Shamhna or Night of Samhain as their ancestors had, and kept the traditional things. Trick-or-treat in Europe was called souling. Beggars would go from village to village begging for "soul cakes" made out of square pieces of bread with currants. The more soul cakes the beggars would receive, the more prayers they would promise to say on behalf of the dead relatives of the donors. At the time, it was believed that the dead remained in limbo for a time after death, and that prayer, even by strangers could guarantee a soul's passage to heaven. Before Pumpkins played a role in Halloween,the Irish would crave Jack O'Lanterns into turnips. When the Irish emigrated to America they could not find many turnips to carve into Jack O'Lanterns but they did find alot of pumpkins. Pumpkins seemed to be a suitable substitute for the turnips and pumpkins have been a big part of Halloween celebrations ever since. The faces was intended to frighten away evil spirits. Black cats was considered to be a religious thing in halloween.They was thought of as reincarnated beings and known to predict the future. Bats, owls and other nocturanal animals, also popular symbols of Halloween, were originally feared because people believed that these creatures could communicate with the spirits of the dead. Present day, Bobbing for apples is just a simple game that is a must at Halloween parties. Back in the day people thought of it as a way to gain good fortune. For example, unmarried people would all get in a pail and try to take a bite of an apple. The first to do was said the next to be married.
In the end, you've learned how the celtics started this holiday.
Its been on Earth for many, many years.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Host (New book that you should read)

The host is an epic story that transfixed my heart onto every word of every page.

When aliens invade the world humans hide. natrual instintc. some ran, some fought. when an alien named wander was put into a human host named mel, she was short handed. would you fight or run or both? In mel's memories was a man named jared. who is he, where is he, is he ok? (wander and mel's) journey to find them. it is a infused angry love story.