Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journels; Cycle 5

After punching Obama Jefff looked up, "Cinnimon twist bros., Nancy Nacho... get out.". They all ran out, aside from Jeff. What Jeff had seen was his worst enemy... Evil Cap'n Crunch.

Jeff Stared into the souless eyes of the Cap. "So you came" said Jeff. "Your soul will be the first to go." Cap' said. Jeff jumped up and attempted to punch him, his punch was rebounded, the force field box surrounding the Cap' was too powerful. So powerful that it nearly broke Jeffs freakin arm."Evil Cap... why? why do you want to kill everyone?" said Jeff. "whats my first name?" the evil cap said. "um.. evil?" Said Jeff thinking it was a trick question. "Exactly" said the captain of death.

-Brandon Turner

Hiden hope
In our daily dispares,
we stand in broken hope.
when it seems no one cares,
we should new ways to cope.
we live our lives in fear,
and we walk in silent pain.
hurting people we hold dear,
seems like we're going insane.
the sun don't shine,
and our tears are our rain.
i need love mine,
the devils little game.
through all our troubles,
we need some hope.
no flirty bubbles,
we don't play in soap.
we sit and suffer,
don't say a word.
till someone discovers,
a waiting bird.
To take by the hand,
to kiss by thy lips.
to finally understand,
and have no broken bliss.
to have no rain,
the hiden hope.
stop the devils little game,
we found our new way to cope.

--Denise Perkins--

Ugh where the heck is Haley? Makes me upset. Im sooo freakin hungry right now. Michael hatton hates me...makes my day! I really want some potatoes. Wow I feel like a cow. Wait I am. Moo moo moo. My leg has a scratch on it. But I dunno how I got it. Davinci code? Ohh noo,Mrs.Mullins has chips on her desk...
Angie Hamilton(:

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  1. Your journals are so diverse. I love it!

    Brandon...great dialogue. Your characters are funny, too.

    Denise: Deep girl. I like the ending the best.

    Angie: Stay away from my chips, yo!