Thursday, December 10, 2009


The few words that ive learned is incognito.Thanks to Hannah Montana and Haley. Ive also learned deciduous. I remember that because no one could remember what it meant or how to spell it.-angie

I remember only one word and that is irony. I remember that because I learned about that in Mrs.Mannings room.-Colby Hollon

Ive learned a few of the words in here more than others. I had no idea what incognito was. I know what it means"in disguise". Ive learned moiety,which means cutting into two halves. I remember this by cutting a loaf of bread.-Michael Hatton

In Mrs. Mullins class, I've learned a lot of new, interesting words. One of the vocabulary words I learned the most would be auspicious. This word means a promising success. Another word taht I've learned would be deciduous, which means annually. Lastly, I learned the word antebellum. That means, before war. Of coarse. I've learned a lot more of the vocabulary words throughout the semester and I've learned a lot more, but those are the words that are implanted in my head. -Haley Bellamy(:

I's learned me a lot of wurds this semester... not really. But still. I learned about 20 words. and I cant even remember half of them... I learned words like bellicose and auspicious. Luckily for me I already knew a few of the words, like incognito and antibellum(oh my!), But yeah. Thats about it. I knew a few words and I learned a few words. I can really only remember the first 2 or 3 cycles words, because Ive heard them so much.
-Brandon Turner

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