Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Brandon got for Christmas

You know what I got for Christmas?

A card that had a fake hundred dollar bill in it with a letter that said "Santa didn't come this year son."

Just kidding. That's what I'm going to give my kid, if I ever have one.

I got a $499.99 Yamaha Keyboard for $224.99 at guitar center with a Sustain pedal, And I also got a 32 Gigabyte 3rd Generation iPod touch. And I must say, I never cared about iPods until Jordan Rudess(Keyboardist of Dream Theater) showed me the whole reason I got mine, the Bebot Synth app.

I was definetely not dissapointed with my iPod touch. Apple now has my utmost respect. It plays all my music, anime, strongbad E-mails, and its also the best web browser I've ever seen. I can watch youtube, e-mail and screen capture. Its the best thing I own.

But with my iPod touch I also bought the Bebot app I so desperately wanted. I always played the keyboard, as I thought it was the funnest musical instrument, but Bebot proved to me that the continuum is the funnest.I always wanted a Continuum, and those are very hard to come by. With an amazing $1.99 price on iTunes, anyone who owns an iPod touch or iPhone should pick the Bebot Synth up.

I also got about 200 dollars and bought WiFi. Sadly my internet shut off about 3 days later... Thanks alot AT&T, You made me waste about 80 bucks.

Best Christmas ever? Maybe.(This was really the only cool thing I could think of to post...)

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