Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feature Article; Cycle 12 (:

Remodeling Walmart
Since 1962 Walmart stores all around amercia have grown to be one of the leading stores. Mount Sterling, Walmart seems to be the only store worth going into if you're looking to buy produce.

For two years the customers of Walmart have known where everything was and how to get there from any direction. But, in March 2010, all that will change. Walmart is going to start remodeling the entire store. What does this mean? It means that the aisles will be moved to new locations around the store. The question that as people curious is, "Is this change good or bad?"

Walmart employee Debbie Sparks says that the change will be good for the store because change is completely for the needs of the customers. But she also believes that the customers will have a difficult time finding the new locations of the items.

In March, what will the customers think? Will they except the new change? Or will they hate it?

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