Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Michaels & denise' Journal Cycle 13

This weekend was pretty fun-packed. All I did was hang out. I went and saw Shutter Island friday night. It was probabbly the coolest movie ive seen in a while. I still have no idea what actually happened in the movie. Saturday night, I went to Bath County to a friends house and hung out until Sunday.

Does anyone wonder why the sky is blue or how come the wind blows side ways instead of down? i do all the time, i search and search but never find anything. The beautiful earth is still a mystery to me even after 16 years of a wonderful life and i assume that it will remain a mystery until i die. the wind blows so gently through my window and i hear the cold chill whisper "spring." Soon flowers will start arising and the cold chill will turn to a much warmer more loveing blow. each with it's own surprise and relactant smell, telling me not to worry; but beware; cause i can never tell.

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