Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Spotlights(:

What was your weekend like?

My weekend was pretty fun.
I left school early on Friday to go get my hurr & makeup did. Homecoming was that night, I had a great time. Before the dance, my peeps & I went to El Camino. After the dance, I stayed at my best friends house, which is always funn. Sunday, I went to a eleven year olds birthday party & that was somewhat fun. I fell a lot. But besides my clumsiness, the weekend was fun.(:
This be from HaleyBellamy(:

Then, I went to Homecoming and also stayed at my friend Paige's house with Haley. On Saturday, I went to my friend Sarah's house with a bunch of girls from my church. We had a grape fight, cookie dough fight &&& a mudd fight Then on Sunday we went to church and later on went to the chinese restaraunt, then we went back to Sarah's house and played us some xbox. Afterwards, we made our back to church.(:
&this be from AngieHamilton(:

My weekend kinda sucked... like first i had to go have surgery on my shoulder (well a biopsy) and i was AWAKE!!! But it was in this weird, sick, morbid way COOL.... i got to watch the whole procedure through the refection of the window and Dr.Moore talked me though it.
Saturday the meds they have me like knocked me out. i was like not awake the whole day. it was my cusines b-day so i was woke up but i was like still kind of asleep, so i was walking into things and everything. It was strange and sunday after i went to church and told off the prechers son (he likes me) i took my meds and went to sleep again.
This one time i was like on the couch and my brother was sitting on me and then rolled me off the couch and i still didn't wake up. it was so horrible..... that is why my weekend sucked. i have had better days.


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  1. EEK--I didn't even know you had surgery, Denise!!! I'm glad you're getting better though.

    And it sounds like Haley and Angie had a great-but-messy weekend with all the falls and mud fights! ha ha ha