Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journals 9/2/09

Write the lyrics of a song that you know by heart.

Are you ready- The hour is approaching when the souls of man shall hear. A mighty shout resounding in the sky. With power and Great glory King Jesus will appear and take his children home to pardise.There will be a celebration for the ones who choose his name. But total sepration on that resurrection day! Are you ready for the trumpets? Are you ready for the call? Soon the Angels with assemble to usher in the son of God.Will he come and find you faithful? Will he know your name at all? Every moments brings us closer!Are you ready for the call?
- Angie Hamilton

The words are coming i feel terrible is it typical for us to end like this. Am I just another scene from a movie that you've seen 100 times Cause baby you werent the first or the last or thew worstan ive got to fill in the blanks in the past with a verse and we could sit around and cry but frankly your not worth it anymore so say hello to all the boys on the top this table that your under lipstick lullabyes this is sorry for the last time cause baby i understand that your making ew friends this is how you get bythe moral this time is girls make boys cry on any other day id shoot this boy cause your simple toy had caused a scene like this leave him hanging in the hall just a picture on the
Haley Bellamy(: