Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feature articleeee(:

MOCO Ballers(:

Will the Montgomery County girl's basketball team live up to the hype of the preceding seasons? The team has a huge reputation to uphold prior to their past seasons. The past few Sweet Sixteens, our girls team has dominated.

For the past five years, the MoCo girls have been invited to the Sweet Sixteen and in the Elite Eights. Will this year be any different?

Led by coach Janie Robinson, the girl have extremely high expections to live up to from the Lady Indians that graduated in 2009. Last year, the girls made it into the Elite Eight and played an excellent game, but came short of some points when the game came to an end.

In conclusion, we're hoping to see the girls win yet even more victories. We're sure that this years Indians will be just as award-winning as last years.


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