Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unwind Book Jacket yo-yo's O~~~~~~o

Unwind is a compelling novel about life, The 'bill of life' is a document stating the end of pro-life and pro-choice decisons. The title is exactly as it sounds "unwinding", undoing what is done. As children cannot be aborted before being born but as a child between the age of thirteen and eigthteen they can be unwound-taken apart.

Unwind takes you in and through several rebellious children's journey with an extreme desire to live. hubris children resisting epiphany, and infrasturtural camps.

By the time the book ends, shusterman will have you living as if you were really dying.


  1. Man, I'm telling you. You guys just keep impressing me. I love that ending that connects the book back to our thematic unit title. You're rocking the core content.

    Reminder: think through your cycle Word Wall words before you add them. As it is, you guys need to rework all four words. Doable?