Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dear editor,
This year our school switched from block scheduling to period scheduling. We're proposing to take away period scheduling (7 periods a day) to block scheduling (4 periods a day) They may not seem really different, but its a huge difference to students.

We have to pack fifty pound of books all over gods creation. Now we have a few minnutes to pack these huge books from one building to another. We need the slack. Theres almost no time to even go to your locker in between classes. My locker isnt even near any of my classes. I only get to go to in once a day.

We still get the same load of homework that teachers would have given during a 4 block day. Its almost immpossible to get all of our homework done every night. Some nights, we have to start as soon as we get home and were still doing homework until we go to sleep.


  1. A few things:

    1.) I think you should work on narrowing your topic. Editorials are centered and focused, but yours is kinda broad. 2.) You didn't follow the four parts of an editorial from the packet. 3.) A letter doesn't end this way.

    Do you think you could edit this and repost? You've got some really good ideas, but we just need to work on the logistics. Come see me if you need help. :)

  2. I understand that books and no time between classes are your reasons to support your opinion, but they are listed as if they are random. You must tie these points back to your main idea if you want to convince your audience.

    You are still missing the 1,2, and the 4.

  3. Still missing the 1 and the 4.

    1: Who you are and why you're writing.

    4: What kind of plan can you present to fix this problem?