Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BookJacket; Twisted(:

Twisted stole my soul. Lurie anderson has written a remarkably cogent book with success. Tyler Miller is a troubled teen who is anything but hubris. when he is invited to a party he is framed for a horrible act. through out the rest of the book you must dig through the infrastrucural foundation to decide who's lying, who is telling the truth and who is holding info and you will be driven to find out.
When gossip becomes so loquacious that you can feel the atmosphere change as tyler walks down each hall. you can feel your mind twisting to figure out the end or have an epiphany for the truth and by the time you do you'll be as twisted as the cover.
-after the review this book was approved for us to read... yeah!!-

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  1. Praise: Wow.

    Complaint: Rethink your usage of (n.) hubris. :)

    Praise: Wow.